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The Many Advantages of the Merchant Cash Advance

The Merchant Cash Advance is an industry standard, as far as unsecured advances go. At CAPITAL CUSHION, we are proud to offer this option to our clients. We'll purchase your future gross receivables in the form of a lump sum payment to your company. The MCA then turns your future Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard projections into immediate working capital.

How the MCA Works

The MCA is paid back on a fixed percentage holdback set against the credit card processing receivables. Since the advance is a purchase of your future projected receivables, and the holdback percentage is fixed, the risk to you is nonexistent. Say for example that your future receivables are projected at $40,000 per month. Since we can fund 100-150% of your monthly receivables and you are projected at $40,000, you might be advanced $40,000 for a term of 12 months. If your business were to go from doing $40k a month to $20k a month, that 12-month term would become a 24-month term at no charge or penalty. This is just one example; our MCA programs offer many other advantages, including the following:

• Easy Renewal Terms
• No Personal Guarantees
• No Collateral Required
• Highest Approval Rates
• Lowest Rates in Industry
• Flexible Repayment Terms
• No Fixed Monthly Payments
• No Upfront or Hidden Fees
• No Restrictions on Use of Funds
• Quick and Simple Application Process
• Fast Funding in as Few as 24 Hours
• No UCC-1 Filing at the Time of Funding
• Fixed Rates for Life of Advance/ No Ballooning Interest
• Protection Against Seasonal or Slow Periods of Business With No Charges Applied for Slow Repayment

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The ACH Advance

Our ACH Advance is very similar to our Merchant Cash Advance. The advance amount is still a future projection of your total monthly sales. The difference is that instead of a fixed rate set against your credit card processing, the payment is taken out of the business bank account on a fixed daily basis. The ACH comes with more risk than the MCA, but its rates are more affordable.

The other added benefit of the ACH is the fixed daily payment increment. Unlike a traditional loan or an SBA loan, which comes at the cost of an APR percentage that may or may not be fixed and a large monthly payment due at the end of every 30-day cycle, the ACH daily payment is minimal in comparison and makes this option very viable for many of our clients. This program offers several advantages, such as:

• High Approval Rates
• No Requirement to Switch Credit Card Processing Services
• No Collateral Required
• No Fixed Monthly Payments
• No Personal Guarantees Required
• Quick and Simple Application Process